Learn by writing!

We have known for a long time that handwriting supports the work of our brain and allows us to collect our thoughts. According to scientists and psychologists, writing with a ballpoint pen, pencil or fountain pen has many advantages, and one of them is learning and better memorization. Studies show that those who do not write by hand are missing out a lot.

Nowadays we rarely hold a pen in our hand, unless we have to sign some document. When we write we are organizing our emotions, getting our thoughts out, or simply recording what we don't want to forget. The process of writing by hand is slower than that of writing on a keyboard, so we are forced to analyse what we hear and make choices about what and how to write it down. In fact, we have our thought processes stimulated all the time. Concentration is at a much higher level, so we also remember better.

The results of a study conducted by Professor Virginia Berninger of the University of Washington conducted using magnetic resonance imaging showed how much of an impact handwriting has on the brain. The study observed that while writing, regions of the frontal cortex, which is responsible for remembering and absorbing new information, are definitely more strongly activated.

Handwriting stimulates the development of neural connections, which contributes to building a larger vocabulary and the ability to use it. It is a very good way to broaden horizons and increase creativity, which influences our thinking and task completion.

While taking notes with a pen, pencil or ballpoint pen, the centre of the brain responsible for the interpretation of tactile sensations, reading and writing, as well as the formation of speech, are very intensively activated. Our concentration is also enhanced, which in the case of learning and memorizing is very important. Additionally, handwriting improves our spatial orientation, problem-solving skills, and most importantly, boosts the learning process.

Bearing in mind the above information, we strongly encourage you to jot down your thoughts, information heard during meetings, trainings or lectures and combine words with simple drawings. Studies show that in this way we remember up to 30% more. It is worth reaching for your favourite notebook and pen and start learning by handwriting, because experts assure us that this way we learn faster and retain the knowledge gained longer.

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