Making notes on a laptop vs. handwriting notes - which is better?

It is true that technology makes our lives easier and supports us in our daily activities. Writing on a laptop is faster and comes in handy when we need to delete some information from the written text. Does note-taking through electronic devices stimulate our development as much as taking notes in a traditional way?

First of all, it is important to mention that laptops and tablets distract us. Watching social media and scrolling Facebook or Instagram is very often a time eater. When taking notes by hand, we need to focus and concentrate fully, so this option is more helpful in the long run.

When it comes to the speed of jotting down notes - this activity is definitely more efficient on a laptop. In less time we are able to write down more information. Technological devices are useful for training participants, when it is necessary to write down the words of the speakers. Unfortunately, people who take notes by hand during meetings or trainings have to do it selectively. Despite the advantages of using new technology, we want to look at the benefits of handwritten notes.

Why write by hand?

When we take notes we process information, we remember and learn better. We gain the ability to express ourselves and formulate our thoughts. When we write by hand, we usually think about what we want to write and what we want to convey. This also improves our critical thinking. What does it mean? Unfortunately, when using a keyboard, we tend to write thoughtlessly and do not use punctuation marks. It's worth noting that taking notes also exercises our sense of touch.


People who often write by hand have better ideas and more often come up with innovative solutions to difficult problems. Giving up taking notes on a computer also improves reading comprehension skills.

The findings of the analysis presented above should definitely encourage people to develop their writing skills. It is worth checking out these benefits in practice. To make your handwriting more enjoyable, get a notebook that is relaxing and fun to write in.

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