You have got creative ideas? Write them down!

Creative ideas often pop up in creative people when you least expect them. Writing your thoughts down allows you to take control of them and is a way of bringing order to the chaos in your head. Note-taking is a way to ensure that every brilliant thought is captured. Why write down ideas?"

By jotting down an idea we can be sure that we will not forget it. In this way we relieve the mind, because it does not have to process our new idea in memory, and thus creates space in our head for further creative thoughts. Writing down an idea is its initial materialization, visualization, and it begins to become a project once it is on paper.

The most popular way is to jot down ideas in a notebook, workbook, diary, or planner. Making notes in your favourite notebook means that you are more likely to reach for it and treat it very personally. Having your own notebook dedicated only to capturing creative ideas helps to keep everything in one place and make sure that nothing is overlooked. Writing is an extremely simple activity that doesn't require special skills or extraordinary resources, so it's a good idea to make this simple activity a permanent part of your life.

Speaking about creative note-taking, we should mention successful people who immortalized their ideas on paper. Richard Branson, the visionary entrepreneur and founder of the world-famous Virgin brand, never parted with his notebook. A man who has often mentioned in his publications that he carefully jots down important thoughts and concepts that come up during his travels or even while talking to people. Due to his work as a businessman, he pays attention to details of his image, which is why his notebooks are always elegant and of the highest quality. A notebook from the Florence series would be perfect for Richard Branson, as its finish reflects his weakness for luxury accessories.

Another exceptional personality is Leonardo Da Vinci, who wrote down all his scientific and artistic observations, but also his personal thoughts. Today, we would offer the famous Renaissance man a notebook from the Art Paper series, in which he would find a rich range of colours to stimulate his imagination. Knowing the achievements of both gentlemen, we know that when you have creative ideas, it is really worth to start writing them down and then develop them step by step. This is an essential part of creating something great.

And so we strongly encourage you to do so.

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